May 23, 2014

Strawberry Picking

It's Strawberry Season! I love strawberry season so much! I love the smell of them and that they always come when it's beginning to warm up. They are the first signs of summer! This year we again visited the strawberry farm in Stockton. For Three years we have been going and I must say I love it! They have a pretty neat set up, all the mounds are covered in black wrapping and the rows are pretty well cleaned out. The boys and I drove out to Grandma's House and did a caret switcharoo and hopped into her car and we were off to Stockton. When we arrived the field was already filled with people, We grabbed our boxes and were off. The fields were full of ripe strawberries! We were done picking in no time! I picked 20 pounds, almost double what I picked last year! I froze a ton, made some freezer jam, will make a strawberry pie and gonna  munch the rest! James was a great helper this year, he did more picking than eating. Boston on the other hand was a little harder, we sat him in the middle of the row and let him play in the dirt, he loved it and i didn't mind until he started eating it. Luckily Grandma's friend Jane and her sister came along so they were able to help with Boston, when they finished picking. Once we were done we grabbed some median food in town and were off back to grandma's house. I love my Mother-in-law! I couldn't have picked a better husband with a better mom. We spent a few hours talking, catching up and talking about the boys. I always enjoy talking to her and an so thankful we get along so well. our drive home was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that our car smelt so delicious! I cannot wait for next year!

James has green so much, and his love for strawberries has not stopped either!

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