Jan 24, 2012

January: our new year

I know I saw it all the time but time has flown by I can't believe that January is almost over!! Logan and I are loving all that this year has brought us! We have kept busy with James, work and all of life's joys!

{I stuck James in the entertainment center and he stayed, I don't think he knew how to get out.}
James is now eight months old! He has become a pro at crawling and is still very brave! He thinks he can walk and has fallen quite a bit trying to walk. He love to eat, he is currently not wanting anything on a spoon. He would much rather feed himself. Watching him eat is so fun, he concentrates on his food so hard, it is adorable. He currently loves to eat apples, pasta and Gerber's puffs.
{pasta and concentration}

Sleeping has become a little tough. James loves to sleep by mama and snuggle. So I am a bit squished at night with Logan, James and I in the same bed. Bath time is our new favorite activity, he is still afraid of the shower. I think it's because most loud noises scare him.

{He loves baths! And I love that they knock him out!}

{String cheese fun!}

Logan and I have been thinking about me returning to work... Its a hard choice. Since there were some manager changes at my old job, I would now only be comfortable returning. I love being with James! Waking up with him by my side and spending everyday with him is so rewarding I love being his mom and watching him grow every day. And on the other hand getting out into the real world again would be nice to see people again, I also loved and enjoyed my last job, and of course we would have an extra income. After much prayer and talking, we have decided that work is not something I'll be doing at this time. Logan and I enjoy what we have now, so why change what we have.

I am so excited for February! It's such a busy month for us Valentine's day, Logan's birthday and my birthday! I love all three! Oh plus the end of this month on the 30th is a very special day for Logan and I. It's the day that Logan asked to be my Eternal partner and of course I said yes! :)

Life is so busy yet so wonderful. We find our love grow for each other with every obstacle. I love Logan more than ever and also James too. I don't know what I would do with out my two guys! They complete my life!

Jan 11, 2012

The holidays

It has so far been a wonderful year! Our Christmas was the most perfect Christmas yet. I loved spending the morning with my husband and little James! He of course did not understand Christmas this year but that's okay his sweet little spirit made our holiday season complete!

This month James fell in love with our Christmas tree! I made all of the Christmas decorations this year. I did not want any of our ornaments from last year to be sucked on, since they were all covered in glitter. All the ornaments were made from felt. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest!

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year Logan and I decided we would spend it with my family so we went to my Mom's Branch. Following church was dinner with my grandmother and lots of family. Our first Christmas as a family was most perfect! {NEW YEARS} Our new years eve day, was spent once agin with my parents. (I love to be with my family and lately it feels like I really haven't seen them enough). After dinner we chatted and caught up then it was back to flagstaff. James was in bed early so I took advantage of an early bed time as well. Logan and I laid in bed we shared our new years resolutions and what we were looking forward to and were asleep by 11!! Since the busy holiday time Logan was able to take a mini vacation and spend some time with James and I. I realized how much I miss him while he is working and how grateful for such a wonderful husband! James's major accomplishments this year: He can crawl! It's official he is crawling on his hands and knees. He is very brave, he is trying to stand by himself and thinks he can do it perfectly. Of course he is getting into everything! "Mama" is now regular vocabulary, I love being his mama. It brings me so much joy. Teething has been constant since the first one broke through. He now has four that have pierced through and two that are slowly peeking through! James loves to feed himself, his little fingers have are now pinching foods! I can't believe he is growing so fast. Cuties are his most favorite. For Christmas my mom placed a box under our tree (I am in love with cities so i was so excited to see them!) once he found out how yummy they were he was addicted! [this was not a cutie, apparently the tangelo I picked was very tart because all he had was tartness]

I love my little James. He is so perfect and I love watching him grow! I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful little boy. Of course there would not be a perfect little guy with out my Mr. Logan there would not be here. I love Logan and am so grateful that we were able to spend our second Christmas together as a "blissful" couple and our first as a family! I love my two guys!