May 13, 2014

James turned 3!

My little boy turned three last week! I can't believe it he is three! He is a spunky little guy he loves to play and act things out. He loves his sweets and always asks for treats and cookies too the list of a favorite treat! He is a good helper and loves to make mommy and daddy happy. He is still learning how to help with Boston, but always shows love to his brother. He loves to help in the kitchen and knows how to find whatever he wants in the cabinets. His vocabulary has increased, I love to hear new words and phrases. My favorite is "of course". I am of course proud to finally announce he is a great sleeper, after years of struggling to put this kid to bed he now goes to bed on his own without any fight or fuss. I love this boy with all my heart!

A few shots I took for his birthday:

We decided that since we have so much family so close we would just invite them all over for a "hot diggity" time, we were aiming for a Mickey theme.  We had to incorporate red Mickey suspenders, as a little guy, Logan had a set very similar to the ones James is wearing. No one knows where those ended up so we searched eBay until we could find some, and we lucked out!Both the hubs and I thought the other was inviting family over until I asked if he texted them the day before. He said he didn't originally so we decided we would that night at Logan's youngest brothers graduation and party. We told everyone but of course with last minute invites not everyone could come. But those who could did, we were so happy to see family in our home. I love to feed people and make them feel good. We made Bacon wrapped hot dogs for the mamas and papas and plain ones for the kiddos. I have never had a bacon wrapped hotdog, but I am now a believer! It was delicious! Side dishes were simple, potato salad, veggie tray, chips, cantelope and cupcakes for our dessert! James loves his cousins! He had so much fun running around and playing. We sure are lucky to be do close to so many of the hubs family!

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