May 13, 2014

Boston's Birth Story: Part 2

We reached the Labor and Delivery room! I was shaking from all the adrenaline, I was shocked at how fast this whole process was going. As I sat on the bed while being connected to the new monitors the contractions continued getting stronger and stronger. I had to have Logan rub my lower back every time a contraction hit. Once we were settled in the delivery room I asked Logan for a Priesthood Blessing of comfort and a safe delivery, once the blessing was done I was calm and only felt pain from my contractions. After about 20 mins of crying my way through the most painful contractions ever I asked for an epidural.  I really wanted to do this birth all natural, but apparently my body and mind are not strong enough to make it through labor without medication. After telling the nurse I wanted the epidural it was minutes until the anesthesiologist arrived. As he place the epidural in my back I had two of the strongest contractions ever! So he stopped and waited and then like magic, it was placed and I felt cool liquid in my back and was soon numb from the waist down! I was given a button so i could press it anytime and as many times as I needed for the pain. I don't remember a button with James, so this was wonderful! I believe I only pressed it a few times towards the end when the contractions where the strongest. It was amazing I felt no pain just a bit of pressure.
My nurse came to check on me around 6:50 am to see how I was doing. While checking me she looked up at me and smiled, I had reached 10 centimeters and was fully effaced. She told me it was time and she was going to call the doctor. When she returned she came in with a full staff of delivery nurses, I counted at least 10 different people. Next my doctor showed up and asked if I was ready. Within minutes they were all set up, my water was broken and I was told to push. My legs were lifted into the stirrups (the medicine was working because i could not feel my legs at all). Logan stood right next to me and I grasped my thighs. I took a deep breath, gave one big push and out popped a little head took a deep breath and pushed once more and at 7:05 am Boston Blake was born weighing 8 pounds exactly and 21 inches long. My doctor laid him on my chest and the tears started running. After 9 months of waiting I was finally meeting my little boy, he was exactly how I pictured him. He was perfect and healthy and all mine. Logan and I gave him so many kisses within those first few snuggles. After little B's body was more adjusted to the outside world the nurses took him to clean him up, weigh, measure and take some other stats. Logan stood near by as he watched our new little boy. I watched from the bed, my epidural was removed after I was stitched up, I had a little tearing during delivery that needed 2 stitches. I still could not lift my legs, so there was no way i could even move. We called our families to let them know the good news. Logan's dad answered when he called their house, at first he asked why he was calling so early, but after Logan told him he congratulated us and told us, mom would be on her way once David was at school. While he called his parents I called my mom and told her, I was so sad that she was unable to be there, I would have loved for her to come, but because of work and the distance she was not. I had to hold it together all the emotions while talking to her, I did not want her to think that it was her fault for not being there. She was so happy for us, I told her how fast everything went and how healthy are new little guy was. Next Logan called his twin brother who lives just down the street from us, at first he thought we were just playing a joke and did not believe him, but after telling him we were really in the hospital and we wanted him to pick up James for us. He believed Logan.
Since I was still very numb, I had to have a catheter placed before I could be moved to a recovery room. Once done, I was moved into a wheelchair with Boston in my arms and Logan close behind. Before we even got to our new room Reagan had arrived, Karen grabbed James's carseat and was off to pick him up, she stopped by our house and picked up some clothes, since he would be staying the night with grandma and would be home the next morning. Once I was settled in my recovery room, Reagan and Noah were allowed in. A few moments later James and Karen arrived. James was so nervous at first he didn't want to come near me. I think all the machines and cords scared him. I handed Boston off to Logan and tried to hold James but he refused and just stood near my bed or in the rocking chair in the room. We talked with Reagan and Karen for a little while then they were off to give us some time as a new family of four. James refused to be near this new baby I don't think he really know what to think of the new baby. We tried to explain that mommy had a baby in her belly and that it was going to come out soon and he was a big brother. But I don't think he really understood that that baby would live with us forever. Mom and Dad Bliss showed up a bit later and welcomed their sixteenth grand baby into the family! They were asking the usual questions about the birth and baby then were also off after awhile, with Mr. James in tow. I gave him a big kiss and hug and said we would see him tomorrow. He was pretty happy, he doesn't normally stay overnight with grandma and grandpa, so as mommies do I was a bit worries that he might kept them up all night. But to my surprise grandma said he did wonderful! He was asleep early and woke up on time. Talk about a happy mommy! The second night in the hospital was uneventful. We slept snuggled with baby Boston and enjoyed the sweet moments we had with our newborn.
The next day James was brough back into town and we now had two wonderful healthy boys together! Since the hospital required us to stay 36 hours we waited and kept asking to leave. I felt wonderful and wasn't in any pain, was tired of sitting in a hospital bed and most of all ready to start our new life as a family of four! Seven o'clock rolled around and we were given the okay by my OB and by Boston's pediatrician we were packed and out the door! We grabbed some dinner on the way home. I can't believe I am now a mom of two sweet boys! I cannot wait for our new adventure!

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