Mar 30, 2011

Six weeks left

I can't believe I have less then six weeks left of being pregnant. I will honestly miss it! I love feeling my little boy move daily, but I'm super excited to meet him.

Logan and I are preparing for Mr. James, his room is almost ready for him! I can't wait until we meet him. We just had a doctors appointment and everything is perfect!

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Mar 26, 2011


Lately Our Baby James has been kicking so much, it makes me sore! I love feeling his little body move inside my tummy. What a blessing it is to be pregnant, however sometimes its just a bit too much. Sleeping has been almost impossible now. Logan has been so good to me lately! I love him so. He rubs my legs when they ache, puts lotion on my feet and even tried to paint my toes because i can no longer reach my feet without been completely uncomfortable! He is so wonderful! This week has been tough... my poor emotions are all over, stinking hormones make it all so difficult.

on the upside... for Spring Break Logan and I took a quick trip to Phoenix and we bought Chairs!! We inherited the Bliss table (Logan's Parents used it, and then his older brother, and now we have it). It is a really nice table it was only missing chairs. We have been looking for ones that match since we've been married and have not found anything at a reasonable price. Until this weekend we went to IKEA, I love this store (and i'm pretty sure it is now one of Logan's favorites too!). They were a decent price s o we had to get them! Our little apartment now feels so homey and complete!

Oh how could i forget we are also cleaning out the baby's room, another big task we took on during spring break. It is going well.. and starting to clear out really well. I can't wait until we get it all done for Mr. James Calvin. Only 50 more days until we meet.

32 weeks only 8 left!

Mar 12, 2011

ups and downs

There have been so many ups and downs lately.... mostly ups, but still no one likes the downs.

Two weeks ago Logan and I learned that my brother Erik, now had a daughter. Down.
We didn't know anything about the situation, he's sixteen, a junior, and not ready to be a father. To be honest i was really upset! (since then i have come to accept what has happened and am okay with it) Well after we found out I went to visit the Baby Keanna Faye. Logan was working and my all my family was going so i tagged along. If i were going to be an Aunt then I at least wanted to see my Niece.
She was adorable and I immediately fell in love with her. Up.

How can you not be... She is adorable! We also met Keanna's family. They were so nice and so welcoming. Up

I also had time to spend with my family another Up!

This past week Logan received a promotion and transferring!! He's going to be closer to home and who does not love a promotion? Another UP!

Our Baby James has been growing so fast, he is moving constantly which is a bit painful sometimes but always worth it. Up! Yet i have been starting to get Braxton hicks Contractions, Ouch! ...Down!

The Ups definitely out weigh the downs, which is wonderful and always worth focusing on.

Baby Bliss and I only have 64 more days until we met. I can not wait!