Nov 28, 2011

Sick day Sunday

Last night my little guy had a fever after some meds and some cool towels it dropped and he was out. This morning he woke up with a high temperature and again some meds and cool towels. This is the first time he has ever had a fever so of course I was so worried! So we stayed home. After Logan got home from church he gave James a sweet little Father's blessing. I am so thankful that Logan holds the Priesthood and that he can preform a fathers blessing for little J. We've been off and on with a fever all day. I took this pic while he was feeling a bit better.
(I love the little mustache! I found an app for it of course)

My little James is so perfect, although he does not feel good he is still always sharing a smile and willing to try and play.

Nov 25, 2011


I love Thanksgiving, it truly is my most favorite Holiday. I love to be around family and share delicious food that took hours to prepare. This year we spent the holiday at home. I volunteered to make dinner and to have everyone come over. It was a wonderful meal! I cooked my first turkey, made my own stuffing, mashed some taters, baked fresh rolls, and enjoyed dinner with my family. I had so much fun, besides worrying about a dry turkey everything was worry-free. After my parents arrived we finished everything up and dinner was served. I was shocked that everything turned out so perfect. (pat on the back) We of course finished off the night with a movie, I enjoyed a nap during the movie and sent the parents home with plenty of left overs.

I am so Thankful that I was able to spend the evening with my Husband, son, brothers and parents. I love them all unconditionally. I am thankful that I know how to cook and bake and be able to provide a meal that satisfies everyone. I am thankful for the joy that we were able to feel. I am so thankful for all the blessings are brought to my life daily, I am truly grateful.

I have only ever experienced black friday once. Two years ago, I spent 5 hours outside of best buy with a friend. It really was unforgettable, we laughed and froze the whole night. This year I really wanted to get out and cash in on some fabulous deals. Instead the Mister and I saw a Laptop on sale and just had to snatch one. So we stood and sat in line for 4 hours and were able to get one. We have wanted one for so long but just waited for the right time to come and tonight was the night. I really want to go out and shop some more, but its probably best if I just stay in and eat some pumpkin pie instead. It is pretty crazy out there and if i want to be functional for the little guy in the morn I better stay in.

Tomorrow is the day we get to set up our tree! I love Christmas time, nothing beats the Christmas spirit!

Nov 17, 2011

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Temple- our Temple day was unforgettable.

Mr. & Mrs. Rémy Chercuitte

Temple Doors

James at the Family Search Center.

We got back from a long weekend in Salt Lake City! I have never been before and Logan had some vacation time, so when our friends told us they were also getting married there, we planned our trip! What perfect timing We loved Utah! Probably because the mountains remind us of Flagstaff.
Logan, James and myself traveled with our friend Hilary. (she was so brave to travel with us, especially with myself, i get a little crazy after being in a car so long) We have yet to travel so far with James. I could tell he was relieved not to be stuck in a car seat when we got home. It was definitely a tough trip but after all the driving was done we all enjoyed ourselves.

Before we left little James started teething! At first it was just one little tooth and just this morning I felt his gums to see how his tooth was doing and found a second tooth coming in! My little boy is growing so fast. The day after he turned six months not only did his one little tooth start to spout, he also started taking his pacifier. Which could not have been more convenient, his paci is a life saver.

While in Utah we went to our friends wedding, did Temple work for my Great Grandparents, hung out with some friends that we have missed dearly and enjoyed all the laughs and frustrations of traveling. Although we enjoyed every part of our trip, Logan and I will not be venturing on any long journeys any time soon. There really is no place like home!

Nov 6, 2011

November so soon

I cannot believe it is already November, soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. My oh my how time flies! It has already been a busy month! Today was my Dads Birthday, he is officially 45! Even my Grandma was surprised when we told her. Since my brother and dad have birthdays fairly close together my mom decided to combine a celebration for the two. Logan, myself, Little J and Ian (my brother) all ventured to Cameron this morning to visit my moms branch. She loves to show off here grand kids! It was so nice to go to church with my family, it's been so long.

After church we visited my Grandma and then off to my parents house. We had a fabulous lunch! It's been along time since we have all been together at once! I love my family ! They are so wonderful. After lunch we drove back to Flagstaff so Logan could make it to a meeting. It was a very busy day but one that was worth it.

Little J and Miss K, she did not want to sit still at all! So my little guy just watched her as she fussed. :) This was one of my favorite pictures, they were staring at each other and she stopped.