Jul 25, 2016

Maela's birth story: part 1

The first sign that Maela was showing signs that delivery was close happened while we were visiting Logan's Parents on the Fourth of July. I had some spotting, Boston was born the morning after I started spotting. So I knew something was happening, we left Mom and Dads that day knowing we would soon have a family of five. When we got home that night I started on laundry and cleaning, I needed to know that at least the main chores were done.
I had been having Braxton hicks contractions for a week now so I just monitored the time and strength of each contraction. The day seemed to fly by but I did manage to clean the boys room, the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom. I was pretty proud! After dinner I noticed that the contractions were growing closer together but still very inconsistent, so I was off to bed. With my previous pregnancies I would always start labor around one or two in the morning. I woke around four and was in pain, they were about 4 mins apart. I managed to labor for another hour and they remained two mins apart. I started packing an overnight bag for the boys, they would be staying with family while we were in the hospital. I also packed my bag, with all that I needed, and what Logan might need and clothes for our new baby girl!
I woke Logan at 5:40 and told him it was time, he needed to get ready. He jumped up and was ready in no time. I braided my hair and got dressed. Woke the boys and changed them so they would be ready for the day. Logan called my sister in law and she was on her way to pick up the boys. Once she arrived we hugged and kissed each one of the boys, then we were off. We arrived at the hospital at 6:54 am and walked up to labor and delivery breathing through contractions. Apparently it was a busy the night before and we were lucky to snag a bed in triage. After some monitoring and a pelvic exam I was only at 4 cm, and the contractions slowed down so we were sent to walk for an hour.
We walked up and down the hall, my contractions had started to make a regular schedule. There would be one at each end of the hall and two in between. I would stop at each designated area and start swaying preparing for each one. The pain was increasing and after an hour I was ready! We were ready to be checked. I had reached 5 cm and could be admitted!

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