Aug 25, 2015

James starts Preschool!

James had his first day of preschool today! I wasn't really sure how he would do, we have been talking about preschool, and how he could meet more friends and learn more and be able to play fun games. He was sold at more playtime! We were able to tour the preschool a few months back and James loved it! Mostly because they had fun new toys and a playground! I loved it all as well, so we enrolled him and last week were able to go back and he met his teacher and everyday since has been asking if he gets to go to school. So this morning asked if he was ready for school and of course he was so excited! We all were able to go and drop him off, We pulled into the parking lot and I asked him if he wanted to just drop him off or walk inside with him. He asked if I could walk him in because he was a bit scared. Logan, Boston and I all walked in. He put his backpack up and was ready! We all waved goodbye and were off. He has become such a pro at going to class at church so I knew that he wouldn't fuss about going. Boston and I headed to the store to grab some groceries and Logan was off to work. After some alone time just Boss and I we were ready to pick up James. We again pulled into the parking lot and I couldn't wait to see my little James bug. We waited in line and then we saw him he walked up to the car with a teacher and Boston reached for the door trying to open it, he was nowhere near close to opening it but showed as much as excitement as I was to finally see our favorite James. He climbed into the car and into his seat and immediately started talking about how much fun he had and really loved going to school! I was so relieved. He is such a great brother and little boy I still can't believe that I am his mom and that he is mine forever, I sure do love him!!
Boston wanted to be included on pictures too!
Waiting in line... I was probably the most excited to see James.
Sharing all that he did while at school and that he wanted to go back tomorrow!

busy building

I have always wanted to build things, for as long as I can remember I have loved trying to figure out how to make things on my own! All my favorite hobbies involving making or figuring out how to  build, make or bake. So this summer I have been trying to build, make and bake. Not everything has been perfect but I have had a ton of fun recreating or designing something fun my family or I can use. So far I have been able to make, bookshelves for the boy's bedroom, shelves for the living room and a tv console! The TV console I am most proud of, our old was falling apart and been needing to be replaced for awhile now. Thanks to family members who work in construction and see pallets often I was able to get free wood delivered! I searched pinterest for a design i liked and in the end never found one with set directions. So I pulled out the measuring tape and started figuring out how big i wanted it to be. I needed it to be simple, and easy enough for me to make mostly on my own. So I cut the pallet pieces down and after a run to Home Depot for a couple pieces of wood that I couldn't salvage from the giant pallet I had. I started assembling, with help from Logan and his brother, it turns out that some projects need extra help. When they finished helping with the legs I attached the slats (the pieces the run across the top and middle), I sanded, stained, sanded, stained, and applied layers and layers of poly. I know its not perfect and looks homemade. I love it! It holds what I want it to and it works for us and in the end i only spent, $10 on screws and a couple of pieces of wood. So if it doesn't last forever that is okay! 

Aug 10, 2015


Last Saturday we were able to go on a triple date with Logan's parents and his brother and his wife! We were able to leave the kids with a friends for the morning and we were off to Dadeville with a scooter in tow. Once we arrived we unloaded the scooter we all hopped on, Logan and I both were able to ride single while everyone else rode in pairs. I have never driven so far on a scooter, I was so sore when we arrived at our destination! The plan was to ride to Bolivar for lunch, we enjoyed a yummy BBQ restaurant! after lunch we were off again! Luckily driving back to Dadeville was a lot faster and more enjoyable (and I didn't get as sore)! Since I was on my own scooter I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would like, I did manage to snap a few!

I love that they love riding scooters as much as we do!