Jun 12, 2010


For our honeymoon Logan and I went to Disneyland. Our original plan was to go to Cozumel Mexico, but after figuring all the expenses we decided to stay in the states. Disneyland was wonderful!! We stayed in a Hotel that one of my Former manager manages so he hooked us up with a pretty good deal. We were in California for five days, the weather was wonderful! Our Hotel was in Buena Park so Disney was only a 15 min drive away. We also went to San Diego so Logan could see the
ocean for the first time! It was so cold! While in San Diego Logan and I Visited the San Diego Zoo, which was very fun but very big!

Our Family (mostly Logans Family) decorated our car, the whole trip we had people honking at us the whole time. :)

Neither of us have ever been to Disneyland before!

We each had his and hers Mickey ears, Mr. and Mrs. Bliss.

who we are.

Logan and I are recently married, we were married on May 1st in the Mesa Arizona Temple. We both love being married. It is a wonderful adventure! I honestly do not know what I would do with out Logan.