our family

I'm Alicia, I love to sew, bake, and craft pretty much anything. I love to find a new craft and figure out how to make it myself. I make bowties and my little guys wear them almost every sunday, I may be obsessed! I enjoy trying new things, traveling, going on dates with my most fantastic husband, i love things organized, taking pictures is a hobby I am trying to improve, I want to record the little things in life, I love to get dressed up for pretty much anything! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays {actually i love all holidays}

I love being a mom, I stay at home with my little guys and I absolutely adore every minute of it! We play, talk, eat and help each other grow into the best we can be. 

My handsome husband, Logan works for a bank, he enjoys his job. He has a huge obsession with movies, and has seen so many I don't keep track anymore. He loves technology! He enjoys spending time with his family. He loves Cashew chicken and requests that we have it for dinner at least twice a month! He loves history and learning about pretty much anything. He is such a wonderful person and is a reminder of how lucky I am that I found such a great guy

Our big boy James, is an adventurer and growing so fast I wish he would slow down and stay little for a bit longer. He loves to laugh, climb, play, sing, dance and play with his little brother. He is so smart and athletic for being so young. He loves to show that he cares and takes care of his little brother, he is such a wonderful blessing!

Our little guy Boston, is a busy body. He is such a handsome little guy, he loves to play with his big brother, help mom, dance, snuggle and love on everyone. He has such a sweet heart and loves to be around those he loves.

We moved a few years ago from Arizona where I am from to Missouri so that we can be close to Logan's family. We have enjoyed our transition. Although I miss my family in Arizona I am glad that I have Logan's family close by. We love to visit them often and when we can, we enjoy seeing my family. We love to spend time together and watch each other grow.

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