Mar 31, 2015

big bad wolf

James love reading books then acting out the story line. His favorite is the three little pigs. He has memorized most of the story but his favorite part is when the big bad wolf blows the house down. We have a teepee that he uses as the house and he will ask me to be the pig and he will stand outside the teepee and act out the roles
J: little pig, little pig let me in 
M: not by the hair of my chiny chin chin 
J: then I'll huff and puff and blow your house down
M: ohh no my house fell down. 
He will shake the teepee and will get upset if I don't say the right lines. It really is so sweet how much he loves to pretend. I remember once a few months ago, when he first started pretending he leould always take off all his clothes to be the wolf, since wolves don't wear clothes of course. Thankfully he has stopped and will keep his clothes in when we play. :) 

Mar 20, 2015

Oklahoma Wedding and Ice Cream

Last week we had the opportunity to attend Logan's cousin Dallas's wedding reception. We drove down to Oklahoma Friday afternoon to spend time with the cousins. We all love to see Oklahoma family, James was especially excited he loves having older kids to play with! It started to sprinkle and  was on and off again all night until it was time to go to the reception. We walked out of the hotel and it was pouring. We all arrived at the reception location and waited a bit before we went inside hoping for it to slow down. Nope! I ran in holding Boston, my shoes and bottom half of my skirt were soaked! Boston and James took cover under mom and dad so they were fine. The reception was decorated wonderfully, its amazing how creative some people are! A taco truck catered, if i had to pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life it might be those tacos, they were delicious! After the reception we ran back out in the rain and drove back to see family, were we stayed up until 1am watching Pitch Perfect. my poor boys were so tired, but such troopers. The next morning we had brunch with family and then headed back to Missouri. It was so fun to see everyone, I am so lucky Logan has a huge loving family.

 {the fog was so thick, i was shocked it was so foggy in the middle of the day}
{lately James has not been a fan of pictures}

{Sleepy Boss}

{i only managed to take a picture of these two! they were all so handsome}

It has been so cold lately, we have been stuck inside for the most part. But on Monday, since Dairy Queen was celebrating their anniversary they were giving away free small ice cream cones! Once Logan was home from work we all hopped in the car and headed out for a pre-dinner snack! Everyone needs to be spoiled with a pre-dinner treat before dinner once in awhile. Both James and Boston were so excited, they loved it!

Mar 10, 2015

new beginnings

I am the Young Women's Secretary in my ward, and I love it. But sometime i feel like i could be doing more to assist the presidency, so i normally volunteer to do the invitations for the big activities, like New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence.
Since this year's Mutual theme is "O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day." Doctrine and Covenants 4:2. We all decided that a cruise theme would be a perfect fit for New Beginnings. I designed a boarding pass for the invitation and an itinerary for our program. I am pretty happy with how they came out! Once they were printed I rounded off the edges on both the invitation and the program to make them look more official. I also added some baker twine and a tag that read "ticket reserved for: (hand wrote each young women or leaders name)" I love personalization, and everyone loved receiving a personal invitation.

Mar 9, 2015

sunday sillies

i will never get over daylight savings time! i have been living in Missouri for almost 3 years and still have a hard time! when i lived in Arizona, i always thought how crazy people everywhere else in the us was, and that i was so lucky never to worry about changing my clock. i still don't worry about changing the time, thankfully Logan keeps up with that for me. but i do have to deal with the change and since kids don't understand time, i get to help them adjust to!
this year we have church at 9 am, and getting ready for church at 9 is already hard, we are not morning people, we like to sleep and all really enjoy it! on Saturday night i set my alarm for the normal wake up at 7:30, 7:30 came and i turned off the alarm and fell asleep, 8:20 came and i hopped out of bed, got dressed, got the boys both dressed, and logan got himself ready. we ran out the door at 9 am. and walked in the chapel at 9:04am! talk about miracle, we were so surprised we made it.
Boston had a hard day, he wanted to take a nap halfway through church, but thankfully he waited until we got home. James would rather go to nursery then sunbeams, but a little bribery does the trick and he will walk into class no argument. Thankfully Boston turns 18 months in a couple days so next week he can start nursery.  I will be able to enjoy class once again, instead of walking the halls the last two hours. I am so grateful for the time I have been able to spend just B and I, but am ready for some class time!
 Boston's favorite door, mostly because its the only door he can open. Look at those eyes! He is adorable!

James came running to me after church saying "mom, i like sunbeams, i got a sucker!" He is such a sweet boy, when we got to the car Boston saw said sucker and wanted one too, James took a bite and said "here Boston you can have it". He is so giving, and loves to share with his brother!