Dec 29, 2014


This year we spent Christmas together as a family, but Christmas Eve was spent with Logan's parents. We had so much fun with them, catching up and talking. We headed home late that night we all opened Christmas jammies, and then sent boys off to bed. I had to get started on assembling James and Boston's Christmas present, I read online that it took many people 2 hours, so as 11pm after wrapping the rest of the christmas gifts, I opened the box and it took 1 hour and 53 minutes to assemble! Christmas morning came and as usual Logan and I were so excited we woke the boys up so they could open presents! They managed to sneak into our room, James on the floor, and Boston in our bed. I love watching them open presents, Boston is reaching the age where he knows how to open presents but once open he wants to play with that toy. So James helped open a lot of his presents. James loves Christmas, he loves trees, the presents, santa, red and cookies. I love spending Christmas with my little family, I am so grateful for them and for Christ's Birth for without him, I wouldn't have them for eternity!
James insisted that he put the star on the tree.

I make a new homemade ornament each year for our tree, this year we all had our names added.

Both boys received one gift from Santa, and the rest from mom and dad or other family.

its not the clearest shot, but i love his expression.

Nov 1, 2014


Bliss Halloween tradition continued this year, we all dressed up in matching costumes. Overhear i pick a fun family costume that we can all be involved in and this year Star Wars won! Logan was Han Solo, I was was Leia, James was Obi Wan and Boston was Yoda. I had so much fun making all of our costumes and I think everyone loved being a jedi! We attended our Ward Fall Celebration, where there was one other family that had the same costume. They also had a wonderful costume! On Halloween night, it was way too cold to take the boys out tricker treating so we opted for the mall. James and Boston both did a great job holding their buckets for candy!

our previous halloween costumes
top left: Pocahontas and John Smith -- top right: Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Captain Hook, and Smee
bottom left: Superman, Lex Luther and Lois Lane -- bottom right: Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu   

Sep 29, 2014

Boston turned ONE!

I can't believe he is one! It has been one whole year since his sweet spirit has joined our family. I love him so much! Watching him grow is wonderful. He can now walk, point to what he wants, shake his head for yes and no. He is learning new words like thank you, yes and no. He loves to follow James and play with him. Although he may still be pretty attached to me, I love that he snuggles and wants to feel loved. I can't believe how my sweet boy has grown up so fast!

Summer Lovin'

Now that summer is now almost over I should probably record some of our favorite times!
This summer we spent so much time with family! We were visiting almost every week! I love being with family and enjoying all the laughs and stories that are shared.
Logan's parents bought a boat in July so trips out to the lake were necessary. James was able to kneeboard with the help of Logan and I learned how to kneeboard and waterski this year as well. Logan's family grew up with a boat and waterskiing so they are all pros. I had never seen Logan ski until this summer and it was pretty impressive! I also was able to see all his brothers and dad do it. I know I struggled just getting up, it takes a lot of strength to do all the tricks they managed.

For the 4th of July we had a family gathering at the fair grounds for the Fourth of July celebration, Mom, Dad, David, Melissa and her family, and our family all watched a great show that was accompanied with music, it was a very unique experience. 

In August we were able to join David at the Temple for his first time going through. The Temple is such a wonderful place to visit. I always feel the spirit so strongly and to go with family is even more special. All of Logan's siblings made it to Missouri for David's farewell talk. David will be serving in the Provo Utah Mission for two years. I love seeing all of the Bliss family. Logan had quit his job the weekend before everyone showed up so we were able to see all the family and spend plenty of time with everyone! Jared was the only one from his family that was able to come out, but we still enjoyed seeing him. Jase and his family drove out for the weekend, as well. Melissa and her family also came, although they live only an hour away from Springfield we don't get to see them as ofter.
We were able to go the the lake, and have a BBQ, go to Silver Dollar City and go on plenty of scooter rides! David had also planned his Court of Honor for the Thursday all the family was arriving so they could all celebrate with him.

Dave left on a wednesday, we met up at the Airport early to say goodbye for two years. James enjoyed playing with his uncle, running around the airport jumping into his arms, he sure does love him. Whenever we go to mom and dad's we ask James where Divid is, he always replies he is at the airport on the airplane. Such a sweet boy.

September just flew by! Logan started a new job at a different bank and so far loves it.
Boston learned to walk! He also turned one! James started physical therapy to help his in-toeing. He has had some orthotics placed in his shoes for almost a year and there hasn't been too much improvement so we started PT to possible help his muscles pull his feet out. So far he loves playing when we go and do exercises at home.
This past week Logan's Grandmother passed away from a 16 year fight with Alzheimer's. I never got the chance to know her, but Logan was able to. As we attended her funeral we were able to both learn more about her and her wonderful, kind sweet spirit. We also saw how much love she shared with everyone around her, and how much they loved and cared for her. Right before they closed her casket Logan's Grandpa went up and gave her a hug and a kiss, he had so much love for his wife, he had cared for her for so long and to let her go must be so hard.  I told Logan how I was so excited I would be able to meet her in the next life. I love the plan of salvation and how it unites families for the eternities. All of the Bliss family united to say their last goodbye, it was so nice to see family I have never met and those I have. 

We had such a wonderful summer! There was so much time with family and so many memories! To finish is off we we had some family pictures taken!
Photo Credit: Catie Nueber Photography

May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I love bank holidays, Logan is always off and I love time with my husband! We originally had no plans for the weekend, we were going to stay at home and enjoy our family time. Half way through the week we learned that Logan's parents were going to Oklahoma to visit family. And of course Logan was on board, it had been six months since we visited. We called some of Logan's aunts to find out if they had space for us to sleep. We were off on our adventure Saturday after Logan got off, Reagan (Logan's twin brother) decided he wanted to go as well so he hopped in. We made it to OK, and visited with one of Logan's favorite cousins Mikey. We drove to a lake and rode four wheelers, it was so humid that it was very uncomfortable to even be outside! After four wheeling for a bit we headed to Logan's aunts house where we were staying. Logan's dad had brought both his scooter and Logan's scooter, they were a hit and everyone wanted a turn.
Sunday we spent time with Logan's Grandfather, Grandmother and Uncle in Tulsa. I always love visiting with him and hearing all of his stories, some I've heard every time I see him but I don't mind.
On Monday I spent time with the girls and David (another one of Logan's brothers) and went shopping for mission clothes! He will be leaving in August to serve for two years in Provo, Utah. After four hours we were done, and ready to leave for Missouri! We had so much fun with family. There are always so many things to do and so many people to see. I am so lucky to have married a man with such a fun, loving family!

May 23, 2014

Strawberry Picking

It's Strawberry Season! I love strawberry season so much! I love the smell of them and that they always come when it's beginning to warm up. They are the first signs of summer! This year we again visited the strawberry farm in Stockton. For Three years we have been going and I must say I love it! They have a pretty neat set up, all the mounds are covered in black wrapping and the rows are pretty well cleaned out. The boys and I drove out to Grandma's House and did a caret switcharoo and hopped into her car and we were off to Stockton. When we arrived the field was already filled with people, We grabbed our boxes and were off. The fields were full of ripe strawberries! We were done picking in no time! I picked 20 pounds, almost double what I picked last year! I froze a ton, made some freezer jam, will make a strawberry pie and gonna  munch the rest! James was a great helper this year, he did more picking than eating. Boston on the other hand was a little harder, we sat him in the middle of the row and let him play in the dirt, he loved it and i didn't mind until he started eating it. Luckily Grandma's friend Jane and her sister came along so they were able to help with Boston, when they finished picking. Once we were done we grabbed some median food in town and were off back to grandma's house. I love my Mother-in-law! I couldn't have picked a better husband with a better mom. We spent a few hours talking, catching up and talking about the boys. I always enjoy talking to her and an so thankful we get along so well. our drive home was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that our car smelt so delicious! I cannot wait for next year!

James has green so much, and his love for strawberries has not stopped either!