Oct 31, 2015

October means fall

Fall in Missouri is wonderful! The weather was wonderful for the most part as well, so we were able to get out and enjoy the leaves and spend lots of family time together.
James has been asking about Halloween for what seems like months! It took him so long to decide what he wanted to be for halloween so once it was October, I told James we could go and find a costume. I have always enjoyed group costumes, but this year James was just not a fan. I was hoping for Mary Poppins, Burt and some adorable little chimney sweeps. But when we arrived at the store to search for costumes we found superheroes and the boys could not be swayed. So Boston insisted on a Superman costume and James found a Spiderman one. Both were so happy once they saw both costumes I couldn't make them Chimney Sweeps. Like all little boys, Boston had to put the suit on once we left the store. I figured he would probably be living in the suit for the next few weeks and maybe even months. James on the other hand was totally fine waiting, he did not want to risk getting his dirty.

We were able to get together with Logan's parents for a bike ride at a park we visited earlier in the summer. It was a chilly, warm day. We were able to borrow some bikes and a bike trailer from a friend so we could all ride. James and Boston loved it of course, they are big fans of being outside and exploring. 

I love October! Logan and I were invited to a friends Halloween party, which required a large group costume. The friends who invited us chose Star Wars, since we did Star Wars last year Logan and I both had costumes for Han Solo and Princess Leia. Unfortunately Leia was claimed, so Logan and I decided on Anakin and Padme Amidala. Both costumes were both assembled, and lightsabers were hunted down. I must say we looked pretty awesome!

We were able to attend our ward Trunk or Treat, and a family Halloween party for Halloween. This was Boston's first year actually Trick or Treating, he loved running up to every door and of course James was excited as well. 

And of course who doesn't love a a little boy in a suit!