Aug 23, 2010

Climb to Conquer Cancer

On Saturday Logan, Erik and I all climbed to Conquer Cancer. We all climbed seven miles up Snowbowl road with about 4,200 other people. This is a wonderful event! I have attended for the last four years and each climb has its memorable moments.

We all started climbing around 7 am and finished 2 hours and 6 minutes later! There was no rain this year like there was last year. It was warm and crowded and very long. After about half way up we all started feeling tired, but we all endured! About three quarters, we were starting to get a bit sweaty... so when we arrived closer to the top we felt the breeze, and it was wonderful! Arriving at the top we felt a relief we were all so happy that we could help people with Cancer. On the drive home we were so tired but so thankful for a wonderful morning we were able to help those in need.

The top of the mountain!! what a sight!

Oh Outback! how delicious you look!!

The COOL mountain breeze!!

So excited we have reached the top!!!

Waiting in line for the bus!

Aug 4, 2010

Free Dinner!

Last week while Logan was at work one of the customers that came in told him about this even that was sponsored by Target which involved free food. Well Logan told me about it last night so we Google'd it and could not find anything. So i'd try something a little more local, the Daily Sun website. I found it National Night Out, was being held at Wheeler park. The community was invited to learn more about Police officers and share concerns about there neighborhood, Best part was there was free Hot dogs, watermelon and drinks.

After grabbing our free hot dogs (which always taste better when there free) we sat and listened to the Flagstaff Community Band, which was good. We decided that we would walk around to see what else was going on. We saw some white boards which had neighborhoods and concerns on them. Since we just moved into a new neighborhood Logan wanted to make sure we were going to be safe. He found an officer and asked them about our new neighbors and..... Its safe! May be safer then our last location! Thank goodness. On the way out we had these wonderful shaved ice treats,which were also free! It was such a wonderful night and a very inexpensive one!!