our love story

logan and i met the winter of 2009 through a mutual friend, the first time i met him, i don't actually remember meeting him, the second time he was flirting with my friend hilary, i thought he was cute but probably not interested and not someone i wanted to date since he was flirty with all the girls. he was also pretty interested in another girl. after a few dates with this other girl logan discovered that she was not his type either. one night hilary, my cousin shay and some guys we met black friday at best buy (hilary wanted to score some deals so we tagged along to keep her company and experience black friday for the first time), we were all going to go ice skating. right before we left logan showed up wondering what we were up to and if he could join in on some fun. since there were three girls and only two guys we invited him. we all had a blast, until couples skate, we weren't really considering this a date, skating together as a couple was intimidating. i ended up skating with juan, one of the guys we met and hilary with his friend, logan asked shay. {little did i know logan really wanted to ask me to skate, but didn't have the courage to ask, i found this out a few weeks later.} after couples skate we skated a bit longer then headed out to the video store so we could all hang out, the guys we met at best buy had to leave so it was just shay, hilary, logan and myself. i remember logan paying for the movie and he picked up a Bliss chocolate bar and said anyone want my last name, i thought to myself, i do! i'd marry you!
we returned back to my apartment and we watched the first movie, logan was joking around by putting his arms around shay and myself, i quickly pushed off his arm, {remembering he did this to all the girls, i didn't want to just be another girl} the then responded of it's just for fun. i gave in and said fine. after the first movie we went for a second movie, shay had to go to bed mid-movie so she left and hilary left after the first. just logan and myself left watching the movie, i was attracted to him and new there was something special about him. next thing i know we are kissing and kissed for a long time. there was instant chemistry!
we text and called each other every day and night, the next weekend he took me out on a date, we went to his work christmas party, talk about nerve racking, we weren't even official dating, it was awkward, but once we left it was much more relaxing. we really enjoyed being with each other, by the end of the evening he asked if we could date. i agreed.
we continued to talk non stop, he lived in cottonwood with his brother and i lived in flagstaff, it was about an 70 min drive between us. we both made the trip so we could see each other. on january 30, 2010 he asked me to marry him, and i said yes! i was deeply in love with him and could no longer see my life without him. he completed me, i was happy, he was happy, we were happy. he later moved to flagstaff and moved in with guys from one of the singles wards.
wedding plans began, we decided we didn't want a long engagement and so we decided on May 1, 2010. we picked colors, booked the reception, ordered food and the cake, bought a dress, picked out tuxes, and sent out all the invitations, before we knew it we were going to be sealed for time and all eternity in the mesa temple. we had all his family around us, my mom, and some really wonderful friends and leaders. our reception was held in flagstaff the same evening, we drove up to flag and redressed for the reception. it was beautiful! both my mom and i worked at a hotel and they were able to help with decorating and food preparation, talk about wonderful friends and knowing all the right people.
we ate, toasted, danced, and celebrated with our family and friends. it was an unforgettable day!

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