May 10, 2014

Catching Sharks!

While I was playing with B in James's room, I heard a little voice coming from the living room. Worried that there was a mischieveius act going on. I picked B up and walked in to see what was going on. I saw that James had pushed two stools together and was sitting atop one of them fishing with a light saber. I asked him what he was doing and he looked over and casually said "Fishing!" I asked if B and I could join and he replied back "of course". So B and I sat down with a sword in hand fishing. Then all of a sudden James started reeling in and when I asked, "did you catch something?" His reply "a fish". He reeled it in and he handed it to me so I could eat it. Then I caught something and reeled it in to find out it was a Shark! I showed James the invisible shark then squealed and told him we had to throw it back because it might eat us. He giggled and agreed! For the next few minutes we sat and pretended to catch fish, crabs, octopus and sharks,! All the sharks were thrown back, of course after they "scared" us.
I love that James has such a wonderful imagination! He has never been fishing or even been with anyone while they fished, so I don't know where he learned how to pretend fish and how to reel in a big one, but it was the cutest thing to see my little guys mind explore the world of imagination! It really was a memorable moment, that I hope not to forget.

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