Jun 24, 2015

Summer fun with Family

This past week my Mom, niece Keanna and brother Tyler came to visit us in Missouri for 10 days! They have never been able to visit that long! We were all so spoiled to spend so much time with family that lives so far away. Normally she visits over the weekend and always has to leave so fast. I actually thought this trip was going to be like the rest she would arrive Friday and leave Sunday, we hurried and visited Silver Dollar City the first day. It was a long, hot, humid day. The weather sure does know how to welcome my family (everytime they visit it is either really hot or super cold!). We still had so much fun regardless. Tyler had never been on a rollercoaster, so he and Logan were sure to get on as many as they could. Keanna rode plenty of rides as well, she loved the kid size rollercoaster! James and Boston love going on all the rides they can actually ride, especially Boston he loves anything he can get in.

We didn't find out my Mom was actually staying a week until the drive home from SDC, turns out we didn't have to rush to the park, but at least it was one thing we had checked off our list. We recovered from SDC the next day. On Saturday we were to hit up some fabric stores and spend time with each other. James, Boston and Keanna were able to spend a lot of time together playing, watching movies and even fighting, they all grew really close.

Sunday was my most favorite day that we spent together. Normally we have to say goodbye on Sunday, mom usually catches her flight back to Arizona or is driving back home with the rest of the family. But not this time! We all got ready for church together and were able to attend all three hours. I love being with the people I love so much!

After church Logan had the brilliant idea to walk at the Nature Center. It was a great walk, except the heat! James, Boston and Keanna all wanted to be held at one point. Thankfully they all had a second wind and wanted to run down the trails.

Monday through Wednesday were not recored with pictures, but we had fun, we enjoyed the time we had together catching up on the little things, we ate, slept and learned we don't have to be out doing something to be enjoy family. Tyler was able to work with Logan one day, he was so tired when he got home, he fell asleep, woke up to eat and fell asleep again.

On Thursday, we went to Lambert's for a late lunch earlier dinner.... linner? It was delicious as always, both James and Keanna were able to catch rolls! We than decided we all needed to go Bowling and apparently everyone in my family is a great bowler besides myself! I bowled the lowest, even lower than James, Boston and Keanna! All the kids love bowling and the bowling alley we went to has an arcade so the kids were able to bowl, than go play some games while waiting for their turn to bowl again.

On Saturday, Mom, the kids and I were able to go to the Farmer's Market, we were hoping to go on Thursday but due to all the rain we decided to go another day. Mom and I grabbed some peaches, Boston could not wait and had to eat one while we walked around. We decided to grab some lunch after we saw everything, and it was delicious, even the kids loved it all. We will definitely be going back with Logan.

And of course no trip to Missouri is complete without a visit to Andy's. We decided to walk to Andy's to wear the littles out. We all sat and enjoyed our ice cream!

I am so grateful my mom was able to come visit. When we decided to move to Missouri a little over 3 years ago I worried that I would not be able to see my family as much and my kids would not have a close relationship with them. I was so wrong! My Mom has been able to visit twice a year and we try to visit at least once a year. And thanks to technology we can them everyday if we want. James and Boston know Nana, Unlce Tyler, Uncle Erik, Keanna. We are still working on Papa, and Uncle Ian, but James still remembers them and asks about them often. I can't wait until the next time we get to visit, it is so fun watching James and Boston love on family they don't get to see that often.

Too cold and too wet

It has been so warm lately! So we have been avoiding the heat as much as possible! Last week we were able to have some fun while staying cool! The boys and I joined Logan's sister and her kids at the movies, the theater was offering free summer movies, so we hopped on the offer. James had seen the movie before but Boston had not, unfortunately Boston covered his eyes or buried his head in my shoulder. One of the characters had some very scary features and Boston had agreed.  I have never noticed him being afraid of any character in a movie or show. So I snuggled and comforted him as much as I could.

After the movie we were able to go swimming! I was excited and thinking the boys would love it, but I was wrong. James said the water was too cold and too wet and did not like getting water splashed on him. So we hung out next to the pool with some snacks and drinks. They watched their cousins in the water and would sometimes sit along the side and get their feet wet. I guess we will have to stick to baths or wait for warmer water to play in. Both James and Boston love spending time with cousins! James always asks when we will be able to see them and if we can visit.

Jun 2, 2015

Swinging the day away

During memorial day weekend, we were able to meet up as a family with Logan's parents and his sister's family! James and Boston love spending time with her boys! They love to play and run and just be boys. We all had a cookout with some hotdogs and sides. Following lunch games were played, and even a jumprope competition, all were out jumped by Dad Bliss, of course he could jump the most in one minute, next was Melissa and Last but not least Logan. I enjoyed watching them, until Logan convinced me that i needed to try it out as well. I lasted 20 seconds at a pretty good pace and was out of breath, I am definitely out of shape!  By the end of the afternoon, we all sat and talked while the kids sat and swung on the park bench swings. James and Boston could swing all day and try to whenever there is a swing in sight. 

I am so grateful for such fun memories with the people I love most. They make life worth living!

Splashing and rolling

a week ago we were able to go out as just a family! We had no worries, just playtime together. We decided to go grab some food on the run, and went to a park. It was so warm out that the boys were brave enough to play in the water fountains. I didn't think either one would want to play, but boy was I wrong, James was all in, he jumped on the spraying water and enjoyed the moment. Boston followed suit and also started playing in the water. I was worried that he would fall and be soaked but luckily he stayed half dry.

After exploring the fountains Logan taught the boys to roll down the big grassy hills, at first the were both scared, but warmed up to the idea after watching Logan a few times. James was able to roll and loved it, Boston was fine with just crawling down the hills and enjoyed that more anyways. Logan talked me into rolling down as well and that's to my wonderful motion sickness I was sick to my stomach, I have always had horrible motion sickness so I wasn't surprised. But James and Boss loved watching mom and dad trying to do what they were learning!

I love spending time with my favorite guys, they really make my day so much better!