Jul 8, 2013

29 weeks

I love being pregnant! Pregnancy has been so fun! I am now in my third trimester and love how fast the whole pregnancy has flown by! Only 11 weeks left! This past week I had my glucose test and didn't pass so I had to go in for a second, a glucose tolerance test. Since I was pretty weak and shaky after the one hour test I knew I wouldn't make it through my three hour test with fasting before and during the test. I asked if Logan could come with, he took a half day off and joined me. I was pretty emotional after learning that I didn't pass my first test so I was grateful that Logan could come with me. After three hours and four blood withdrawals I was relieved when I received a call from my nurse to tell me that I had passed all four tests! I am assuming that I failed my first test because I loaded up on sugary treats the weekend before so I was doomed from the beginning. Other than my crazy tests my pregnancy has been healthy and normal.

I love feeling my little guy move and squirm! Since this is my second pregnancy I was able to recognize when he started to move a few weeks before I felt James move. James has not stopped moving since he first started, he is such a busy body and loves to play and imitate scenes from his favorite movies and like all boys fight with swords. He loves swords, wooden spoons, sticks and anything he can hold and swing. I thought it was adorable at first, but now it's to the point he has learned how to hit with said swords and long items. It drives me insane! We have been working so hard on not hitting and listening to mom and dad. It just will take a bit longer to Remember that hitting hurts. In other words James has been potty training for the last  months e a half!  He has been doing wonderful, he tells us when he needs to go. He is really good at making it to the potty for the most part, rarely does he wet his pants. We decided we would just train him on the toilet so he has a stool that he can stand on and then sit on the potty seat. As long as he is not trying to adjust the way he is sitting my floor stays clean otherwise my bathroom gets pretty smelly very fast! Watching James grow up is so fun yet I am so sad that it has gone so fast I enjoy the baby stage and now toddler stage! I love my boys so much! I am glad I have a wonderful little boy, a growing belly with a baby boy and the best husband to share everyday with! I really am blessed!

And three become Four!

I have put off even making contact with the blogging world because we are adding one more to our family! Logan and I had talked about adding one more to our family and Logan knew immediately we were ready, I however wasn't there yet, so I prayed and prayed for a confirmation that our family would become four and one day I had an overwhelming feeling that Heavenly Father was telling me it's time, your family is ready and your little one is ready to meet you. I of course was so excited to see one of my prayers answered I told Logan that night that we could now add one more. We found out I was pregnant in February and wanted to keep quiet about it until I was further along. We told our immediate family but asked them to wait to tell anyone else, in case the worse was to happen. I was feeling awfully sick up until I was 13 weeks, the first trimester always takes a toll on my body! I even put off my first appoint with my OB (with #1, James, we were in the Doctors office once we found out and for the ultrasound he looked like a gummy bear, so we waited so I could see a better image of my baby) I was feeling great beside morning sickness! My first appointment was wonderful! The ultrasound was perfect we were able to see our little one and it actually looked like a BABY! What joy! The Second visit was just as great, listening to a speedy heart rate is so calming! Surprisingly I have been gaining weight at a normally rate that I haven't been asked to calorie overload like I was with James. I have gained 12 pounds and a small belly. I haven't noticed any extra pounds anywhere else and I am hoping it stays that way...

We just had our 20 week check-up, I cannot believe I am already half way through this pregnancy! It really has gone by so fast! I love watching my body change and grow, my belly button is on the verge of popping out. So naturally with 20 weeks none of my pants can even come close to buttoning. My Belly Band is my best friend and the only way I can walk out of the house looking decent. Our Doctors visit was perfect I measure perfectly and the little one is doing wonderful! As for our 20 week ultra sound, we were able to watch our little BOY move and stretch. It was priceless! He stretched just like James did when he was a baby! I loved every minute of watching him.I had a feeling we would have another boy, I just did not want to accept or declare that I knew this pregnancy would not bring a little girl, I have wanted a little girl to pamper and spoil since as long as I can remember. Dresses, flowers and bows are what I have wanted since the mister and I talked about babies. Being the only girl growing up, I knew I always wanted a house full of girls! But obviously the Lord has a different view for my life which I will gladly accept, I love little boys! James is so fun to watch, he is completely one hundred percent boy, it just comes so natural for him and I love being apart of it! Plus I think James would love a little brother! Being able to play with another boy will complete him, he already is a big helper and loves to think he is in charge of everyone. Sometimes when Noah, James's cousin who is three months younger, comes to visit and play, James tells him no when he is getting into something he shouldn't, loves to help even if Noah doesn't need any at all. He thinks because he is older that all of a sudden he is the boss and Noah must follow, thank goodness Noah is a happy little boy who just plays along with James, not knowing what James has planned.

Food has been my best and worst friend this whole pregnancy, I love Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches! I cannot go one day without eating at least one, normally two and a peanut butter and honey sandwich as well. I love sour candy, and Mexican food is a big craving! I absolutely hate the smell of cooking chicken, Chinese food and Hamburgers even the sight of one make me a bit queasy  Everything I eat has to have some sort of spiciness added, I add salsa, hot sauce, jalapenos, really anything that will give me more spice I am enjoying completely. If I remember correctly James was the same way, hot wings were my go to food! Oh and anything potatoes also hits the spot and is my go to food when everything else makes me sick.

I absolutely miss having my mom around like I did for my last pregnancy, it was so nice to have an expert around to tell me what to do and not to, plus she always made sure I was eating and drinking whereas now I get so side tracked with James that I will be feeling a bit sick and realized oh my I need to eat now and drink an extra glass of water. I can't believe how easy it is to forget to drink water. I struggle the most with my water intake. We are preparing to see our family in Arizona in a few days I am so excited yet not so excited for the stressful packing and traveling part.