Apr 1, 2015

it's raining

Today it poured! There was thunder and lightening, it was wonderful. It reminded me of Arizona monsoons. It also happened to be the day that I needed to get out and run to the grocery store for some staple ingredients. And just my luck we were ready to hop in the car right as the storm decided to reach our part of town. We walked out to a downpour, we all waited outside then returned inside to wait it out. Luckily it slowed down and were able to hop in the car and run to the store, we picked up all we needed without getting too wet. On the way home while it was drizzling James noticed the clouds and how dark they were and at the stop light he said, "Mom, it's raining, rain comes from the clouds, when there is a lot of rain in the clouds it rains." I don't know where he learned it from, but I was shocked. He is such a smart little guy! He really pays attention and understands what is going on around him. Can't believe he will be four in may! He needs to stay little a little longer, I can't handle how fast he is growing!

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