Mar 31, 2015

big bad wolf

James love reading books then acting out the story line. His favorite is the three little pigs. He has memorized most of the story but his favorite part is when the big bad wolf blows the house down. We have a teepee that he uses as the house and he will ask me to be the pig and he will stand outside the teepee and act out the roles
J: little pig, little pig let me in 
M: not by the hair of my chiny chin chin 
J: then I'll huff and puff and blow your house down
M: ohh no my house fell down. 
He will shake the teepee and will get upset if I don't say the right lines. It really is so sweet how much he loves to pretend. I remember once a few months ago, when he first started pretending he leould always take off all his clothes to be the wolf, since wolves don't wear clothes of course. Thankfully he has stopped and will keep his clothes in when we play. :) 

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