Apr 7, 2015

easter weekend

I love Easter and all it represents! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and for his resurrection. For without it we would not be able to return to live with Heavenly Father again. This weekend was also General Conference, I enjoy listening to the leaders of the church and their inspired guidance. Listening to Conference is a bit harder with two little guys running around, wanting to play, or eat or just be boys and play. We managed to watch a good part of the sessions. There are so many talks that I loved, but one was by Robert D Hales, He said, "Christ used his agency of us." What a wonderful act of love to share, i love the simpleness yet the power and meaning behind it. He really is the best example. I always feel like i can take on the world after conference I can use all the suggestions to better my life for my family. Although I may not be perfect I know that Christ is and as long as we follow his guidance we can to live with him.

We dyed eggs saturday morning, James loves to be hands on so waiting was extra hard for him. The boys loved it. They were very careful and we didn't spill too much dye on the table. We learned that Boston loved the taste of vinegar, he would stick his fingers in the dye then into his month, after awhile he had a blue hand! I had drawn on the eggs with a white crayon so James was so excited when we pulled an egg out of the dye and there was a surprise bunny or letter J or B.
A week or so ago James asked how the easter bunny hides eggs. I told him that he will hop around and hide eggs on Easter, but we cannot look for him because we might scare him, however when all the eggs are hidden he will knock on the door so we can go find them. Easter morning came and he was so excited he was not tempted to look outside at all he waited for Logan and I to climb out of bed. I sent Logan out to the "car" with some eggs in a bag so no little eyes could see. Meanwhile, I grabbed the baskets and filled them with a chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. We put shoes and jackets on and waited for the knock. Logan came in, and James was so worried that he would scare off the Easter Bunny. I assured him it would be ok. While the boys weren't looking Logan knocked on the door, James heard it and couldn't wait anymore. We ran outside and there were eggs everywhere! We also scattered jellybeans the night before (we don't have soft ground so we didn't bury them), hoping that on easter morning they would turn into lollipops. To our surprise they did! ;) Boston went straight for the lollipops, he pulled one out and asked for it to be opened. James was off to pick all the eggs he could, Boss joined in at the end after he realized how fun picking up eggs really is. The boys ran inside to see what was in their eggs, most were filled with jellybeans, a few had leftover m&m's and a couple had Lendt Truffles (James and Boss love "chocolate balls"). After eating a few eggs worth of candy they were sugared out and relaxed on the floor surrounded by eggs. We watched the rest of conference and for dinner Logan's brother Reagan came into town, we had a yummy beef roast! We all loved Easter this year, holidays are so much fun with little ones, to see the excitement they hold for the little things makes my heart swell. James still talks about the easter bunny and how much fun he had,

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