Mar 9, 2015

sunday sillies

i will never get over daylight savings time! i have been living in Missouri for almost 3 years and still have a hard time! when i lived in Arizona, i always thought how crazy people everywhere else in the us was, and that i was so lucky never to worry about changing my clock. i still don't worry about changing the time, thankfully Logan keeps up with that for me. but i do have to deal with the change and since kids don't understand time, i get to help them adjust to!
this year we have church at 9 am, and getting ready for church at 9 is already hard, we are not morning people, we like to sleep and all really enjoy it! on Saturday night i set my alarm for the normal wake up at 7:30, 7:30 came and i turned off the alarm and fell asleep, 8:20 came and i hopped out of bed, got dressed, got the boys both dressed, and logan got himself ready. we ran out the door at 9 am. and walked in the chapel at 9:04am! talk about miracle, we were so surprised we made it.
Boston had a hard day, he wanted to take a nap halfway through church, but thankfully he waited until we got home. James would rather go to nursery then sunbeams, but a little bribery does the trick and he will walk into class no argument. Thankfully Boston turns 18 months in a couple days so next week he can start nursery.  I will be able to enjoy class once again, instead of walking the halls the last two hours. I am so grateful for the time I have been able to spend just B and I, but am ready for some class time!
 Boston's favorite door, mostly because its the only door he can open. Look at those eyes! He is adorable!

James came running to me after church saying "mom, i like sunbeams, i got a sucker!" He is such a sweet boy, when we got to the car Boston saw said sucker and wanted one too, James took a bite and said "here Boston you can have it". He is so giving, and loves to share with his brother!

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