Feb 28, 2015


boston had been co-sleeping with mom and dad until a couple of months ago, logan and i finally realized it was time that he started sleeping in james' room. he needed to learn how to comfort himself more and not rely on me to put him to sleep. since the big change he has been sleeping really well and throughout the night. we used the sleep lady shuffle with him and it finally stuck. he has a pretty simple routine. after we leave the room he normally climbs out of his crib and snuggles with his big brother. james loves it most days, other days he comes to me saying, mom boston slept in my bed again. we have explained to james that sometimes boston just wants to be near him and feels safe when he is next to you, since then there have been very few complaints. i love that my boys find comfort in each other. i always find them playing or sitting next to one another or sharing a pillow sleeping. they really do have a strong bond and love to show they care. they are so sweet, i am so lucky to have such wonderful boys.

notice all the toys, they normally play and play until they are ready for bed.

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