Feb 26, 2015

learning to fly

My Lately I have been watching my little guys, they are adorable and I am so glad that they don't mind mom staring at them. James wasn't being very nice to Boston and had pushed him. I asked James why he would do that and reminded him how pushing is not very nice. He replied with "but mom, Boston was trying to fly so I pushed him." Where does this come from? I had to hold in the laughter I just reminded him that pushing is not nice, and he shouldn't try to help people fly, especially since Boston probably didn't ask to fly. Later they were both picking on each other and I told James that if he were going to choose to be mean to Boston than he would need to take a break in his room. He wasn't to thrilled, (in our house taking a break is a hidden word for time out since he doesn't like time out we use take a break. It works and he asks to take a break when he is to overwhelmed.) Anyways he sat and thought and then stood up walked to Boston and said "Boston I am sorry for being mean will you forgive me?" YES!!! He finally got it! I have been working on forgiveness with James for a couple of months and normally he can apologize on his own, but asking for forgiveness needs a little reminder. And he did it all on his own. He followed Boston around for a bit asking over and over for his forgiveness and Boston smiled and gave him a hug. These two love each other! They may fight and not agree but they love each other more than anything! I love watching their love for one another grow.

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