Nov 25, 2011


I love Thanksgiving, it truly is my most favorite Holiday. I love to be around family and share delicious food that took hours to prepare. This year we spent the holiday at home. I volunteered to make dinner and to have everyone come over. It was a wonderful meal! I cooked my first turkey, made my own stuffing, mashed some taters, baked fresh rolls, and enjoyed dinner with my family. I had so much fun, besides worrying about a dry turkey everything was worry-free. After my parents arrived we finished everything up and dinner was served. I was shocked that everything turned out so perfect. (pat on the back) We of course finished off the night with a movie, I enjoyed a nap during the movie and sent the parents home with plenty of left overs.

I am so Thankful that I was able to spend the evening with my Husband, son, brothers and parents. I love them all unconditionally. I am thankful that I know how to cook and bake and be able to provide a meal that satisfies everyone. I am thankful for the joy that we were able to feel. I am so thankful for all the blessings are brought to my life daily, I am truly grateful.

I have only ever experienced black friday once. Two years ago, I spent 5 hours outside of best buy with a friend. It really was unforgettable, we laughed and froze the whole night. This year I really wanted to get out and cash in on some fabulous deals. Instead the Mister and I saw a Laptop on sale and just had to snatch one. So we stood and sat in line for 4 hours and were able to get one. We have wanted one for so long but just waited for the right time to come and tonight was the night. I really want to go out and shop some more, but its probably best if I just stay in and eat some pumpkin pie instead. It is pretty crazy out there and if i want to be functional for the little guy in the morn I better stay in.

Tomorrow is the day we get to set up our tree! I love Christmas time, nothing beats the Christmas spirit!

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