Nov 6, 2011

November so soon

I cannot believe it is already November, soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. My oh my how time flies! It has already been a busy month! Today was my Dads Birthday, he is officially 45! Even my Grandma was surprised when we told her. Since my brother and dad have birthdays fairly close together my mom decided to combine a celebration for the two. Logan, myself, Little J and Ian (my brother) all ventured to Cameron this morning to visit my moms branch. She loves to show off here grand kids! It was so nice to go to church with my family, it's been so long.

After church we visited my Grandma and then off to my parents house. We had a fabulous lunch! It's been along time since we have all been together at once! I love my family ! They are so wonderful. After lunch we drove back to Flagstaff so Logan could make it to a meeting. It was a very busy day but one that was worth it.

Little J and Miss K, she did not want to sit still at all! So my little guy just watched her as she fussed. :) This was one of my favorite pictures, they were staring at each other and she stopped.

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