Nov 17, 2011

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Temple- our Temple day was unforgettable.

Mr. & Mrs. Rémy Chercuitte

Temple Doors

James at the Family Search Center.

We got back from a long weekend in Salt Lake City! I have never been before and Logan had some vacation time, so when our friends told us they were also getting married there, we planned our trip! What perfect timing We loved Utah! Probably because the mountains remind us of Flagstaff.
Logan, James and myself traveled with our friend Hilary. (she was so brave to travel with us, especially with myself, i get a little crazy after being in a car so long) We have yet to travel so far with James. I could tell he was relieved not to be stuck in a car seat when we got home. It was definitely a tough trip but after all the driving was done we all enjoyed ourselves.

Before we left little James started teething! At first it was just one little tooth and just this morning I felt his gums to see how his tooth was doing and found a second tooth coming in! My little boy is growing so fast. The day after he turned six months not only did his one little tooth start to spout, he also started taking his pacifier. Which could not have been more convenient, his paci is a life saver.

While in Utah we went to our friends wedding, did Temple work for my Great Grandparents, hung out with some friends that we have missed dearly and enjoyed all the laughs and frustrations of traveling. Although we enjoyed every part of our trip, Logan and I will not be venturing on any long journeys any time soon. There really is no place like home!

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