May 30, 2011

Family date night

I LOVE those words! Last night (Saturday night) Logan, Little James and I had our first Family Date night. It was the first night Logan and I were able to go out on a date since mr. James was born. I chose Olive Garden, because I love their salad and soup! I have actually been craving it! Logan had some steak, his normal picking anytime we go out. And James he slept through dinner, thank goodness! Dinner was mist wonderful, it was nice to get out and enjoy time with Logan.
I an so thankful to have such a wonderful husband! He is the most perfect man I could ever ask for. After dinner we said goodbye to our best friends and neighbors the Kings. They live next door and left early this morning to Utah. They were both great people and we will miss then so much. Hopefully we can make it up to conference this year so we can visit them.

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