Jun 8, 2011

One month

Baby James Calvin Bliss turned one month old on Monday! I am so happy that he is already a month old, time has literally flown by. Yet I am so sad that it has gone by so fast! My baby has changed so much in the last month. He is growing so fast I wish I could slow it down so I can embrace every moment a bit longer. I thought of this wonderful idea while on Facebook, it a run off the 30 day photo challenge. I thought why not a year challenge of baby James, which will include the things I maybe the only to see or notice, things I am thankful for or the things I adore about my little boy (let's hope that none of them are repeated) . So here goes month one:
1. I love the James was born a 9 days early, I think we were both ready to meet each other.
2. I love his full head of hair!
3. When he was born I immediately had a connection that took my breath away. I couldn't believe I gave birth to a wonderful boy.
4. For the first week he rarely cried (he still rarely cries I hope it never changes), I secretly tell myself it is because he knew how much work labor was.
5. He feeds like a pro. Nursing has bee wonderful.
6. His little feet are super cute, he has long toes and big feet, well they look big compared to his body.
7. One word dimples! James has a dimple on his right cheek and a small one on his left cheek, he really can't get any more cute. I love that he inherited Logan's dimples!
8. I love that lint can hide in his little hands under his thumbs. I love finding it.
9. I love watching him stretch! His little arms reach as high as they can reach and his little knees pull up towards his belly, his shoulders shrug and his back arches. It is so adorable.
10. The smell of his breath.
11. The way he smuggles up on my belly.
12. When he sleeps he always has one fist on his face.
13. Little lips are so special when they pucker.
14. Knee and elbow dimples!
15. He sighs in his sleep.
16. The hairs on his back would probably be gross if they were on a grown man but since he is a baby they are so cute.
17. Baby James has detached earlobes and when I say detached they really are detached. I have detached lobes but not as much as mr. James.
18. He can wear any color.
19. I love that he has a wonderful skin tone.
20. When he is warm and gets a bit sweaty, his hands have a funny smell.
21. He has Logan's hair line.
22. Innie belly button
23. A cute bum, I now understand why parents take pictures of babies nakie bums
24. I love the little hairs on his ears!
25. Mr. James was born with a cone head at about four days old his cone shape went away :)
26. I am so thankful for a healthy and safe birth!
27. He sleeps best on his belly, and will sleep longer when he sleeps on my belly. I think he knows that I love when he does
28. I am so thankful that he is growing so well and is healthy!
29. He stops crying when I snuggle with him.
30. I can feel that he loves me.
31. I know that he is truly a blessing in our life and I would never change a thing about him.

I know that I will have trouble with this challenge I the next few months but I hope that I can pull through. I can't wait to see the end result.

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