May 5, 2011

False Alarm

Last night around ten Baby James and my body decided to
Play a trick on me and send me into having contractions from every fifteen mins to every three so at one this morning Logan and I grabbed my bag and headed the hospital.

We arrived on the second floor Labor and Delivery and I was shaking! I was super nervous, this was the moment Logan and I have been waiting for. We were so close to meeting our baby boy! After checking in and settled in the triage I find out that I haven't dilated a bit yet my contractions were two minutes apart. So the nurse sent me to walk the quiet hospital for an hour hoping that it would speed up the dilation.

During my walk my mom showed up she drove from cameron when she found out how close the contractions were. After an hour passed we returned to the L and D floor only to find that i had yet to dilate. Super disappointing!! I was given a sleeping pill and we were all sent home, we all returned to my apartment and were in bed at 4:30. I have never had such a tiring day or should I say morning. I was so hoping James was ready to make his debut but it looks like he is holding out.

I am still having contractions if it does not lead to anything then I already have an inducement set for Tuesday. I'm hoping for the least amount of pain. Wish me luck.

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