Apr 21, 2011

Tooth Day

Tuesday was tooth day!

Logan's wisdom tooth was starting to emerge from the surface (doesn't that just sound like a pain?) and so it was time to get it removed! He made an appointment with the dentist who had removed his other wisdom teeth. This was thankfully the last one he had still. So Tuesday was the day that we went to in to see the Dentist, and i traveled with since his Dentist is in Cottonwood. I had the day off and so why not really. We traveled down to see Jared first at Walmart. He set myself and Logan up with some contacts. Logan's eyes have changed since his last prescription was taken (AKA he was going blind in one eye). Once we were done it was off to the Dentist.

We arrived and waited in the waiting room what seemed like ages. So when Logan was pulled back i was thrilled! He was numbed and then the doctor did his work and pulled the tooth out in one piece! It was huge! Some sutures were tied in to the gums and he was done. While Logan was checking out, Logan mentioned that I had a tooth problem (which doesn't bother me so i don't consider it a problem).

I was pulled to the back and sat in the chair. X-rays were taken and it was down hill from there. We found out that i need a Root Canal. :( The dentist opened my tooth up and cleaned it out and refereed me to an Endodontist here in town. Yesterday i stopped by his office for an evaluation. He told me that doing a root canal right now can/will induce me into LABOR (oh my goodness! my heart rate was through the roof!) So we decided that we would wait until after Labor so that we wouldn't have to induce me since my tooth isn't bothering me too much.

I have never been the one to dis-like dental work, but this week has changed that especially when the words Root Canal are brought up. Logan however has nothing to worry about, Thank goodness! I'm so thankful i won't need anything done yet but am dreading the day when i have to.

Logan's Wisdom Tooth is a bit visible in the far back.

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