Apr 18, 2011

Baby James update

27days left!

I just had a doctors appointment today, and everything is going as planned, both mama and baby are perfectly healthy! :)

Baby James and I had our baby shower this past weekend and it was wonderful! A lot of friends and family showed...if you were one of them I was so happy to see you!

I must say both James and I were definitely showered with delicious food, fun, and presents.

I didn't take many photos which I regret deeply!! I really wish I did. But I did take some awesome pictures of my cake and some of the diaper cakes I received.

Chocolate cake with yummy whip cream filling. It matched the invitation perfectly!!

This cake was the most adorable thing ever a hippo on a diaper motorcycle :)

I love diaper cakes so useful and so gosh darn cute!!

Oh how I can't wait to meet my Mr. James Calvin!

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