Apr 1, 2011

The Art Walk

I've had this nifty app on my phone for a few weeks now. I mostly got it so I could update the blog regularly and it really hasn't worked the way I wish it would. So tonight I thought I would try and use it. :)

Tonight Logan and I found out that our wedding pictures had come in (we were married last May so it's a bit late, better later then not at all). I was so excited I told Logan we had to go get them when he got home, we had a quick dinner and ran downtown with our next door neighbors to the first Friday art walk! The weather was perfect, I love spring time! There were a ton of street musicians and it was awfully crowded. I guess everyone else I thought that the weather was too nice to not go out. The Art walk was fun as usual!
After returning home we immediately opened the box with the prints. I truly love looking at my wedding pictures! They remind me if what a wonderful day it was and how I am married to the most wonderful man I know for eternity! What a blessing!! I can't wait to get our prints framed and hung!

We had our Engagement and Wedding pictures done by Jamelle Kelly from Cameron and Kelly Studios, they are so wonderful! I would definitely recommend them!

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