Feb 8, 2016

We're soon to be FIVE!

We are so excited to announce that baby number 3 is on its way! We have tried to keep it a secret as long as possible but because of our last baby scare we wanted to make sure both mama and baby were safe before the word was out. Early on I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage that was a bit of a scare. But today we paid to see our baby's sex! This past Saturday was my birthday and while planning on what we could do, Logan mentioned that we could go to an ultrasound place and we could find out what we were having a couple weeks early. I said I could wait, but Logan was too excited and was on the phone with all the ultrasound locations in town. All were booked and the next opening anyone had was Monday morning. Logan scheduled our appointment and then called his boss to make sure he could miss and hour during the morning, he gave the okay. The next few days were a waiting game. Finally Monday morning came and we were all up and ready to go. As we drove over I tried not to get my hopes up, I have wanted a girl since little number one, and lost hope after little number two. So naturally I was thinking a little boy was on his way. I had only been thinking of little guy names since I found out I was pregnant. 
As we walked into the ultrasound place, the boys were excited to see the baby but were instantly distracted once they saw all the toys. Logan and I waited while the tech checked all the routine things. Logan insisted he saw that it was a boy, but the tech checked and didn't say a thing. And then finally asked if we were ready and we both agreed. It's a Girl!! Logan had her check again and again to make sure it really was a girl and it was. All angles showed there was no "bowling pin". We were so excited a baby girl was on her way. Once we walked out we both started calling our parents to announce the wonderful news. They were all hoping for a girl too! We sent Logan to work and we were off to our regular schedule. 
Little Miss Bliss is due on July 21, but if she is like her brothers and follows the pattern, she should be with us around July 14. 

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