Feb 13, 2016

Girl names

Tonight while at dinner we were thinking of girl names. Logan named a few, I shared some I liked , and Reagan was there so he was throwing out some of his favorites. I mentioned how I asked James what we should name the baby girl the day before and shared our conversation, James said, "what's the girl from Ninja Turtles?" I said "April" and he replied, "oh ya April O'niel, we should name our baby girl April O'niel!" I said "Well that's a good one but maybe we will keep looking". First off James is obsessed with Ninja Turtles again and loves everything about them, and second I love how he always refers to the baby as our baby girl! 😍 He is so sweet and so excited to meet little miss! So at dinner I asked him again what should we name the baby and his answer.... Tigress. 😂 Well James we might not use that name either but thanks for sharing the excitement of naming her.

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