Mar 28, 2016


We love Easter! This year we spent Easter with Family in Dadeville this year! We had a delicious Easter dinner, flew kites (a Bliss family tradition) and had an Egg hunt.

It was a perfect day for flying kites, the boys loved every bit of it! Once Boston's kite was up I sat on the grass with him while he held it, the wind was pretty helpful in cooperating.

The egg hunt was just as fun, while the boys were busy watching Logan climb the roof to rescue runaway kites while I hid some eggs. We continued this year with including lollipops in our hunt, however we didn't scatter any jelly beans like last year we just told the boys that the Easter bunny scattered lollipops because he knows how good they were.

I am so thankful for having family so close. I love getting together with them!

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