Aug 10, 2015


Last Saturday we were able to go on a triple date with Logan's parents and his brother and his wife! We were able to leave the kids with a friends for the morning and we were off to Dadeville with a scooter in tow. Once we arrived we unloaded the scooter we all hopped on, Logan and I both were able to ride single while everyone else rode in pairs. I have never driven so far on a scooter, I was so sore when we arrived at our destination! The plan was to ride to Bolivar for lunch, we enjoyed a yummy BBQ restaurant! after lunch we were off again! Luckily driving back to Dadeville was a lot faster and more enjoyable (and I didn't get as sore)! Since I was on my own scooter I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I would like, I did manage to snap a few!

I love that they love riding scooters as much as we do!

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