Jun 24, 2015

Too cold and too wet

It has been so warm lately! So we have been avoiding the heat as much as possible! Last week we were able to have some fun while staying cool! The boys and I joined Logan's sister and her kids at the movies, the theater was offering free summer movies, so we hopped on the offer. James had seen the movie before but Boston had not, unfortunately Boston covered his eyes or buried his head in my shoulder. One of the characters had some very scary features and Boston had agreed.  I have never noticed him being afraid of any character in a movie or show. So I snuggled and comforted him as much as I could.

After the movie we were able to go swimming! I was excited and thinking the boys would love it, but I was wrong. James said the water was too cold and too wet and did not like getting water splashed on him. So we hung out next to the pool with some snacks and drinks. They watched their cousins in the water and would sometimes sit along the side and get their feet wet. I guess we will have to stick to baths or wait for warmer water to play in. Both James and Boston love spending time with cousins! James always asks when we will be able to see them and if we can visit.

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