Jun 2, 2015

Swinging the day away

During memorial day weekend, we were able to meet up as a family with Logan's parents and his sister's family! James and Boston love spending time with her boys! They love to play and run and just be boys. We all had a cookout with some hotdogs and sides. Following lunch games were played, and even a jumprope competition, all were out jumped by Dad Bliss, of course he could jump the most in one minute, next was Melissa and Last but not least Logan. I enjoyed watching them, until Logan convinced me that i needed to try it out as well. I lasted 20 seconds at a pretty good pace and was out of breath, I am definitely out of shape!  By the end of the afternoon, we all sat and talked while the kids sat and swung on the park bench swings. James and Boston could swing all day and try to whenever there is a swing in sight. 

I am so grateful for such fun memories with the people I love most. They make life worth living!

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