Jun 2, 2015

Splashing and rolling

a week ago we were able to go out as just a family! We had no worries, just playtime together. We decided to go grab some food on the run, and went to a park. It was so warm out that the boys were brave enough to play in the water fountains. I didn't think either one would want to play, but boy was I wrong, James was all in, he jumped on the spraying water and enjoyed the moment. Boston followed suit and also started playing in the water. I was worried that he would fall and be soaked but luckily he stayed half dry.

After exploring the fountains Logan taught the boys to roll down the big grassy hills, at first the were both scared, but warmed up to the idea after watching Logan a few times. James was able to roll and loved it, Boston was fine with just crawling down the hills and enjoyed that more anyways. Logan talked me into rolling down as well and that's to my wonderful motion sickness I was sick to my stomach, I have always had horrible motion sickness so I wasn't surprised. But James and Boss loved watching mom and dad trying to do what they were learning!

I love spending time with my favorite guys, they really make my day so much better!

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  1. What fun, and what wonderful family memories you are building.