May 12, 2015

James turns four

My sweet James turned four this week! He is such a blessing! He has become my little helper! He loves to spend time with his brother and always watches out for him. James has grown so much in the last year! His most favorite things are telling stories, playing pretend, building with playdoh, playing super heroes, playing outside and snuggling next to mom and dad. He loves doing things together as a family and always makes sure we don't forget anyone. I love watching him grow and explore new things, I am so lucky to have gotten such a good little boy!
For his birthday this year we were going to keep it small, however James had different plans. The weekend before his birthday he invited his cousins to his birthday party. The the next day said he wanted to have a surprise party, I even asked what a surprise party was and he said, "mom, a surprise party is when everyone hides and then they jump out and yell surprise!" Well okay James a surprise party it is. So we official invited everyone over for his surprise party.
When the day actually came, I was hoping to make his favorite breakfast yet he refused and insisted on making his own, he made a marshmallow sandwich. We like to be healthy over here! ;) For lunch we headed out to a Pizza Buffet, James ate and ate all his favorite pizza and treats, after lunch we headed to the arcade and we snagged some fun prizes! I'm not sure who had more fun James or Logan, they both would be so excited for the next game. We then headed to the store for some balloons, because it's not a birthday without balloons, and maybe another birthday request. While picking up balloons James picked up his birthday present, for the last two years James has picked out his own birthday present and this year he chose an Ironman costume! And insisted on putting it in and wearing it the rest of the day! He has hit the superhero stage and I love it! I love watching him save the world from the bad guy, which is normally Boston.
We then headed home I still had to make his requested birthday cake which was chocolate cake, whip cream layers, strawberries and marshmallows. I forgot to add the marshmallows when assembling but he didn't noticed so we were safe!
Right before everyone arrived I sent Logan and James out for some birthday candles! While they were out, cousins arrived and waited from them to return. While James and Logan were out, Logan called with a question and I happen to mention that we were ready to hide (oops!) Of course James heard!
J: Dad everyone is hiding for my surprise party!
L: no James, they are playing hide and seek
J: Everyone is hiding, Sam, Caleb, Dallin, and Noah are hiding!
L: No James no one is hiding
Logan kept trying to convince him that there was no surprise party to throw him off, however James didn't buy it. He knew there was a surprise party! He walked in and we all jumped out with a SURPRISE! He was so excited and of course ran around being silly!
We had cake and opened a present and he played with cousins the rest of the night. He had so much fun! I can't wait to see how four year old James will grow. Happy Birthday James! You are the best little boy! Thank you for choosing us as your family, we love you more and more each day!

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