May 2, 2015

5 years

Logan and I were able to celebrate our 5th anniversary on May 1st! We have had a blast the last 5 years since we have been married we have moved from Arizona to Missouri, had two wonderful little boys, and enjoyed so many days of laughter, love, hardships and joy. We like many couples have had our hard days but we have also had some wonderful days! We have grown so much in five years, we are no longer just two people who fell in love and got married, we are now a couple who fell in love with each other we wanted to share that love with two little guys who now bring us so much joy. We are happy with who we are and who we have become the last five years. I love Logan more now then I ever have and am so happy I made the decision to marry him five years ago. And some wedding photos that I love!

For our anniversary we were not able to actually go out and celebrate since Logan and the boys were out on a father and sons camp out (I gave the okay for them to go on our anniversary since I knew how badly Logan wanted to take James and Boss on their first campout). We decided that we would go out to lunch the next day and enjoy some time without the boys, we decided on a scooter ride and Red Lobster. It was fun to be out just the two of us spending time together and remembering our special day in history. We were hoping to go bowling after lunch but it fell through the ally was booked. So we drove to one of my favorite kid stores and I picked out some shirts for the boys. Although it wasn't an elaborate 5th anniversary date it was special and we spent the day together which is all that matters in the end! 

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