Nov 1, 2014


Bliss Halloween tradition continued this year, we all dressed up in matching costumes. Overhear i pick a fun family costume that we can all be involved in and this year Star Wars won! Logan was Han Solo, I was was Leia, James was Obi Wan and Boston was Yoda. I had so much fun making all of our costumes and I think everyone loved being a jedi! We attended our Ward Fall Celebration, where there was one other family that had the same costume. They also had a wonderful costume! On Halloween night, it was way too cold to take the boys out tricker treating so we opted for the mall. James and Boston both did a great job holding their buckets for candy!

our previous halloween costumes
top left: Pocahontas and John Smith -- top right: Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Captain Hook, and Smee
bottom left: Superman, Lex Luther and Lois Lane -- bottom right: Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu   

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