Dec 26, 2012

Making an Effort

It has been about seven months since I have actually written a post. I designed a blog so that I would be able to record our life, I have miserably failed! So I am making a change and will be making a huge effort to once again record our little special moments. After all how else am I suppose to know what has happened in my life without some kind of record.

So an update:We live in Missouri, we love it! We recently moved in to a bigger apartment and love it! There are Windows! I know sounds silly, but our last apartment had windows to the hallway! The most bizarre thing I have ever agreed to. We have a laundry room, a huge plus! [I find doing laundry fun now!] Since we have a two bedroom apartment again, James has his own room. He has his own space and place to play and sleep. Why I ever agreed to an apartment with one bedroom still confuses me.

On a personal note James is sleeping in said room through the night which means he is weaned! I am proud to announce that he lasted a full 19 months, we enjoyed nursing but it was time and he has handled it perfectly!

{this morning James had the best bed hair, he also woke up in the best mood}

Logan is enjoying his job, he only works about 5 minutes away. [plus] Reagan and Karen (In-laws) live about 8 minutes away. [plus] and we live like 4 minutes away from the church! [plus] See I told you this place is just way better than our last place.James has been growing so fast. It is really fun to see him explore and learn new things. I am amazed at how quickly he learns new things. Lately his new loves are:

  1. Balls- [also his favorite word besides Mom] he will throw them at you expecting you to catch and throw back at him. He is also trying to dribble and kick the ball and run after it. This kid will be so good at sports if he continues at this rate!
  2. Strawberry milk- I know I shouldn't be proud my child is drinking sugar with his milk, but I have fairly good reasoning. He hated whole milk when he was nursing and after he was weaned. I warmed it for him, added a little chocolate syrup and he still refused it. Until I added Strawberry syrup, he will drink a while cup! I will wean him off of the syrup soon enough but for now he needs milk and if it requires a little flavoring I am okay with that.
  3. Teddy Bears- or as we call them his babies, he will snuggle them, give them kisses and make sure they have something to eat at meal time and of course they get covered at nap time. Seriously the cutest thing ever!
  4. Animal Noises- we have been working on matching noises with animal pictures, his favorite has to be ROAR! for bears and dinosaurs.
  5. Toy Story 3 and Curious George- we bought it on iTunes for a trip back to Arizona last month and he really wasn't into it at first. But now they are favorites.
  6. and of course he has been loving Hats- he pats his head anytime he sees one and has to put it on. Once again adorable.

Logan has been busy with family, work, church callings, hanging out with friends and as always going to the movies. As long as he gets to go the the movie theater he is a happy camper. Thanks to him we have been able to see family so often, it has been great! I am so lucky to have a husband who works so hard for us! He dedicates so much time to support and care for us, he rarely gets time for himself.

I have been busy unpacking and organizing, hanging out with James, occasionally I am able to watch my nephew [James loves when he gets to come over, I think I get boring sometimes], busy trying to find my next new project to keep me sane while at home. I love being home with James I could not imagine leaving him to go to work. I really love being a mom! I love watching him grow each and every day. Logan and I love being parents. I lucked out finding such a wonderful husband!

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