Jun 10, 2012

Missouri update

We have been in Missouri about two months now. It has been going wonderful! I love a lot here but of course I miss a lot in Arizona as well. I am trying not to think of what I'm missing but rather what I can experience here. We've all been keeping busy.

There is so much to do outside. James and I probably spend about an hour a day outside! His favorite daily duties are:
Feeding the goat grass through the fence, they've become pretty good friends (we don't frighten them so much anymore).
Watching the chickens eat and looking for eggs.
Picking fresh raspberries, he loves raspberries more than anyone I have ever met!
Looking for sticks and rocks
Playing in the cats water
And like any little boy he loves the mud and dirt!
Everyday we try something different or venture to a new part of the yard. As long as he is outside he is a happy camper.

Logan has been commuting back and forth for work I know that its wearing on him. I am so thankful for his job and all that it provides, I just wish his work was closer.

As for me I love the garden here, it's so fun to go looking for new vegetables and surprisingly I love to pull weeds for some reason it is very calming. I've been keeping busy with Logan's mom. We have busy days and relaxing days, I enjoy them all.

I'd say we all really enjoy Missouri but if you were to ask in a few months I may say differently, the weather may have the worst of me. :)

Today's James update:
Today was the first time James crossed his arms for prayer, it was so sweet to watch his little arms cross and watch him be so reverent. He has such a sweet little spirit.

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