Apr 17, 2012

Missouri... I've arrived

That's right Missouri has three more Bliss's! We have recently moved to Missouri to be closer to Logan's Family. The move has been something Logan and I have been talking about for awhile and with much prayer and talking, it was something that we finally put into action. When i say action, I mean we moved in pretty much two weeks across the country. Logan's brothers and dad were on their way to our house in Arizona before our apartment was even packed, thanks to some pretty wonderful friends (whom I miss dearly now) came to our rescue. Brittany and Rémy helped us pack pretty much everything, these two are packing and moving pros we packed the apartment the two days!

Logan left early back to Missouri leaving James and I in an empty apartment so he could interview for a few banking positions. James and I cleaned and enjoyed the extra time in Arizona. When it was time to join Logan we flew out with my mom so she could finally see where we would be living and be at ease with our new life's journey. I loved traveling with my mom, and watching her see where we would be for the next couple of years. We ate at Lambert's, home of the throwed roll {they seriously throw rolls, have endless plates and the biggest cups ive ever seen in a restaurant.} We missed the Amish stores, it was Good Friday and all their stores were closed. Visited Bass Pro, ate Andy's frozen custard, had a cookout and got poured on, and drove a ton while she was here. Easter Sunday we attended church then left for the airport so she could catch her flight back to Arizona. I was so happy that she was able to come with me. I loved her being here. Logan is convinced we can convince my family to move here so we don't have to move again.... I am still skeptical about that one.

I miss my family tons and wish they were here or I was there. But at the same time I know Logan wants to be close to his family. I love his family they really have been so wonderful. If it weren't for them I would be having a pretty miserable time in a state I don't know.

Since we've moved Logan has landed a job at a pretty nice bank it's not the same bank he was with in Arizona. But the people he works with are pretty nice and he loves the small bank atmosphere. I am so thankful for all that we have been able to do since we have arrived in Missouri. Now we just have to find a place to live closer to Logan's work so he doesn't have to travel so far.

We are currently staying with his parents and it's been a complete joy! I've canned beans, made bread, sewn a blanket, went to an open house for the Kansas City Temple and probably some other awesome things that I can't recall right now. Logan's parents love James, he is really getting to know them and becoming comfortable around them. I love staying with them but I do miss having my own house hopefully soon enough we can find something nice that we can move into that will fit the three of us really well.

[Uncle Reagan and Noah with James at Lambert's]

[Bass Pro]

[Kansas City Temple]

[James playing grandmas piano]

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