Sep 9, 2011

Four Months Old

My little guy turned four months old on Tuesday, I cannot believe that he is four months old already time has gone by so fast soon he'll be walking and talking! This past month he has learned do so much more and advancing so fast.
For month four:
1. James is now 26 inches long and weighs 16 pounds and 3 ounces
2. He can now see his hands and is learning how to use them.
3. I love when he holds onto me shirt and my hair although it hurts sometimes.
4. Mr. J loves to touch his toes and wiggle them at the same time.
5. No blood tests this month!
6. James still loves to snuggle with me, he sleeps on me.
7. He loves his daddy, he is now very comfortable with him holding him.
8. Logan and James had their first evening together just the two of them. They both enjoyed it.
9. I love my little mans smell.
10. I love watching him watch tv, I doubt he knows whats going on, but he still loves it.
11. This month we travelled to Missouri, James did so well! He loved the airplane noise.
12. He is so friendly, always willing to send a smile to anyone.
13. I love that James has been trying to roll over. He is growing so fast.
14. When he's later down he'll try to pull himself up.
15. Little J loves his fingers, they are always in his mouth.
16. Baby mullet, James is still losing his hair so it looks like he has a baby mullet. I must admit I only love this on my little guy anyone else it just doesn't look good.
17. James and his daddy are so much alike, they both have stuffy noses when they wake.
18. James loves to be snuggled and loves soft blankets.
19. I love his sweet baby babble.
20. I love that his eyes follow me when I walk around.
21. I love that since he is growing so fast, he can no longer fit in our bathroom sink.
22. Little stretches are adorable
23. I love his yawns!
24. I love sometimes when he's sneezing he'll prepare for another sneeze and nothing will come out but a sigh.
25. He sleeps through the night like a champ.
26. I love his sweet breath.
27. I love that he is big enough to wear polos, I don't know why they don't make them in smaller sized! I can't wait until I can get him in button down shirts and a tie! Adorable!
28. I love that mr. J has yet to be sick, I am so thankful!
29. I love watching James everyday. I couldn't last a day without him!
30. I love seeing how smart he is and watching him progress so fast.
31. I love James so much. He is such a great blessing. Logan and I love him so much!

I love my little guy, he is perfect in every way!

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