Aug 23, 2011

Three Months Old

This Month went by so fast, so fast that Mr. J is almost four months old!

For month Three:
1. Jaundice is no longer visible!
2. He can hold his head up perfectly!
3. he has huge baby thighs, they are adorable.
4. He laughed for the first time for me!
5. Mr. J loves to smile!
6. He will let anyone hold him.
7. He still doesn't cry very often, and if he does it's still very quiet.
8. He is losing his hair, just a sign of how much my little guy moves.
9. Can you say Long? he is almost as tall as my torso.
10. Long Lashes, they were long when he was born, then thinned out and are now thick and long!
11. James is still very big for his age!
12. I love that he will snuggle with me in my bed on the morning.
13. I have enjoyed watching him get closer to his Daddy, he knows his voice and looks for him every time he hears him.
14. Baby Talk is adorable!
15. No fevers yet!
16. Colors are his favorite, they always catch his eyes.
17. Standing is one of his favorite things.
18. my iPhone amazes him!
19. We went camping this month for my Family Reunion and he did wonderful, it was hot and he did wonderful!
20. Cool breeze calms him.
21. When he sleeps he sweats, his back and his head.
22. Loves visitors!
23. Still won't take a pacifier, but really he doesn't need it with how good he is.
24. Almost as big as his Cousin who is three months older than him!
25. The vacuum does not scare him, more soothing than anything.
26. This months biggest accomplishment: Sleeping through the night!
27. He is growing out of three month old clothes, its a bit sad.
28. This month was his first movie and he did wonderful! he lasted two hours and not a peep
29. Stroller walks put him to sleep.
30. I am so thankful for such a healthy baby!
31. I love James so much I love spending everyday with him, i could not imagine a day without him by my side, he is a wonderful blessing!

Logan and James are the two best things I could have in my life, I could not imagine life with out them.

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