Aug 29, 2011

He spoils me

I love my husband! He truly is the most wonderful man I know. He does so much for me and now James. I cannot believe I am married to him. For the last two nights he made me dinner! He made his two specialties Spaghetti and Cashew Chicken! I love them both! There is something about a dinner tasting so much better when someone else makes it. Since he was so sweet to make dinner I found it only fair to do the dishes each night (I normally do them, but this just gave a reason to somewhat enjoy doing them). I love Logan, he is a wonderful husband, friend and father. James and I are truly blessed to have him in our lives.

{this is my most favorite wedding picture, done by Jamelle from Cameron + Kelly Studios. I really need to get pictures done with our new addition. Any suggestions?}

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