Jul 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This year James was able to celebrate his first Fourth of July! We really didn't do much, we all slept in so we missed the parade. James is on an odd sleep schedule so we (him and I) stay up until midnight or sometimes later and wake up around nine or ten! It's super tough! Well Logan and I were able to go downtown and walk around in the wonderful weather we were having! We stopped and had lunch at one of Logan's favorite Restaurants, San Felipe's it was delicious! we then walked to the new Candy store and picked up a Caramel apple! I am so excited that there is a store that makes delicious caramel apples!! We made it home and relaxed, at sundown we drove to the mall area and watched the fireworks! Logan and I weren't expecting the best show, but it was wonderful! James slept through most of it. He woke up for the last 10 mins and loved the lights! it was super cute! I cannot wait until he is older so he can understand whats going on! :)

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